northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hello,Hello,.Are you there?

Hello,Hello,are you there? You must have  heard  this  statement  innumerable times. The places where you  have heard and tolerated this statement  can be any where,and any time.They are not bound by  any fact or fiction.Whether you are  at home or in the market place makes no difference. It can be heard in the corridors  of power and  even in jhuggy jhonpry  clusters, in the cinema halls, in the buses, trains or any other conceivable  places. Yes, you have guessed correctly. These  words  see no time, are not dictated by any  legal or moral  dictums. We are  talking about mobile phones. Yes mobile phones!!
      Mobile phones have become a  common man's  phone. The  rapidity with which  the mobile phones were invented and the alacrity with which they have  taken a strong hold of the entire universe is   something  unheard or unseen in the  history  of scientific inventions. The variety of phones which have  flooded the market are diverse not only in looks but  in its features.It is the virtual  onslaught  on   mankind, which no other  commodity, which is an  invention of science,  has  ever  been able to achieve. The proud owners of mobile  phones range from the highest strata of society to the lowest jhuggi jhonpari  occupants. All our household workers like cook, mali, carpentar,plumber and maid  are  the proud owners of mobiles.  They may  be illiterate but the expertise in operating the phone has been mastered by them  accurately .They know how to make a call and how to receive  it.They know how to  tune on the music. Our grocery shop, vegetable  seller,and electrician also have cell phones. It is useful for them and for us too.
 Keeping in view such  diverse  uses, more  features  have been  added  or removed by the manufacturers. Hence the  prices too start from rock bottom  and  touch  the sky. Surprisingly the prices range from Rs. 1100 to  Rs.75000. The minimum priced ones only have the facility to make and receive calls  and sending and receiving SMSs.  As the prices  go up so do the  features.  There is a camera ,with video recording  facility,  sending faxes,   access to the Internet, facility for mobile banking, Blue tooth, and several other accessories. With all these  facilities  the   phones are called  smart phones.  They are a boon for the  society. 
   There is   another  side of the coin--the adverse effects of the mobile phone. Some scientists have pointed out that the mobile phone users are exposed to radiation,which is considered to be carcinogenic. They advise that the phone should not be used for long hours.It is also advised that when the phone is being charged  it should not be used..It is too late in the day to give such advice. .The Govt. should make it mandatory that the manufacturers must write what precautions  should be taken by the user. Schools ban the use of  mobile phones in the school premises.They fear that  the phones can be misused by taking vulgar photos  of the students and then  blackmail them. Whereas  I personally love my phone and feel it is a great asset for me. At the same time I realise that once I used to remember  each and every telephone number(friends used to wonder how l  could remember so many numbers). Now I do not remember  telephone numbers.  All  the numbers are  now fed in the mobile and  a mere  click is sufficient  to reach a person.
However all said and done mobiles  are a necessity.Especially  when you go out, the mobile phone helps   you  to be in constant touch with your family.


  1. This reminds me of an Ad recently which read as follows,,
    Where as Nokia doesn't sell cameras

  2. Mobiles are absolute necessities now-a-days! And the smartphones have made us addicted to them! :D

  3. Thanks a lot,Shilpa.You have correctly said that smart phones are taking over rapidly and have becme an addiction.