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northern lights

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

One gift shopping which made me crazy.

Oh! How much everyone loves to get a gift. Whether it  is  a  birthday, some festival,   or  marriage anniversary, people expectantly wait for a gift. Gift is a sort of communication between the  giver and the receiver. Right from childhood  we start getting gifts and  in  return give gifts to our friends, relatives and well wishers. People wait for gifts. I remember that when my son was only  four years old,  we invited  his whole class on his Birthday.He was in  the nursery class. All the kids were playing. like a 'thunderbolt' to them.  There was panic. All the children  heard this  that poor child .All of them 'Gheraoed' him and ordered  him to get out. Seeing the commotion I  interrupted and  took my son aside and told him  that his behaviour was wrong. I have narrated this incident only to emphasise  how important is a gift  for everybody,irrespective of age or gender.

 When we receive a gift we do not realise  how much preparation has gone into planning and purchasing  it. Recently I was invited  to my sister’s  birthday  party. This invitation set me thinking. What to buy for her.  There were ten days to think and acquire a gift for her. I discussed with my friends  what  to buy. There were multitudes of  suggestions, which confused me .  I called my sister and asked her preference for a gift.  She too  said that I should use my own discretion. This added fuel to fire. I discussed with her husband  and requested him to suggest what would be the best gift for my sister. He said that he himself was in a dilemma  and could not  make up his mind.  Disappointed from this quarter too, I started hunting the shops.  The first shop that I entered  had hundreds of gift items.Every thing that the shopkeeper   displayed attracted me. In the end I came out empty handed. This became a daily routine. Some days  I went window shopping  and some other days I sort of ransacked the shops. I was getting upset.   After all, I had to give her a gift. Only three days were left for the party, and  as far as I was concerned status quo  prevailed.Now even at night I could not sleep. What to buy, what to buy, was the constant refrain  in my mind. Ultimately the last day arrived. In the evening I had to go for the party and here I had no idea what gift I was going to buy and give to my sister. In my heart of hearts I decided that I would give  her cash and tell her to buy anything of her choice. After I made this decision  I was relaxed and went to office wondering why  I had  not decided earlier to give her cash. She would surely have bought  something of her liking. In the evening after I left my office  and was about to start the car, the  care taker came running  and  waved me to stop. I was puzzled.What has happened. I looked at him questioningly . Ma'am you forgot to take your Lap top.  I told him it was not mine. As I started the car something  just struck. Wow, why I did not  get this idea earlier? Why have I been confused all these days?  I must purchase a Lap Top for my sis. How  happy she will  be. I already felt her  joy .I could  vividly sense her satisfaction and her face beaming with  joy. I  went straight  to a shop and bought a Lap Top  for her. I got it gift wrapped. When I reached my sister's house I  felt on top of the world.  In my mind I was  showering so many Badhais on myself. I  reached the spot  where she was standing, surrounded by friends. I gave her the parcel. She immediately said, ”My best gift is here.”All her friends implored her to open the gift.    Enthusiastically she   started removing the gift paper. The moment , her gift was visible, she exclaimed “ Oh no." Her husband, who was also  there, took the parcel from her. His facial expression  changed and  he swooned!!    Every one was  dumb stricken. No body could even guess what  had happened. My sister went inside and brought a parcel which her husband  had gifted to her. She gave it in my hands. Oh my god! It was  a Lap Top exactly as I had bought, same  company, same model  and same features. It was now my turn to swoon!! This was one gift purchasing which had made me crazy.

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  1. hahaha...funny but sad. I know buying a gift requires lot of thinking and the U.S, they have gift cards which makes it easy most of the times..I think in India too, the concept has come.

  2. Thank you for the comments.You are correct.In India also the concept cards is becoming popular.