northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 23 November 2012

Attraction of Grandchildren

Grand children! How much do we love you!! Grand children you are  the flesh of our flesh and soul  of our soul. When our first grand daughter was born , and I enfolded her in my arms, it gave me a feeling that I was transported  to another world.The ecstasy of that moment cannot be described in words.It is etched deep into the portals of my heart. Wow, I  had become  the mother of her mother. It is a different matter that she is in her early  twenties now. This experience  will  for ever  remain fresh in my mind. Afterwards  we were blessed by three more grand children. All the  four are darlings. They have filled  the space in  the hearts of their grand parents , which we never knew was empty. All four are  God's  gift to us. Whosoever  coined the the word grand child,deserves an applause, because  they are really grand. 

Today  I am in a reminiscent mood. Flashes of the days gone by are vividly  appearing in front of my eyes.I am dreaming with my eyes  open. Incidents are coming  to the fore which are not in chronological order.  There she is, our elder grand daughter ( I will refer to her as Doll in this article). She was  real sweetie pie. Even her naughty pranks  did not irritate  us. In fact we used to  be tickled by her mischiefs.She  too knew that we were amused. She  loved to throw things...... I remember that the sofa cushions  seemed to be  an eye sore to this Doll. During the day the elders would keep the cushions in their  proper  place and next time you enter the room the cushions would be  on the floor.This sequence used to continue the whole day. She also was an expert  in removing clothes from the wardrobe. Her mother would  arrange the garments and the daughter  would pull them out  and  scatter  them , all crushed  on the floor.This little Doll grew up to become a very  responsible  and meticulous  young maiden,who can manage her things  in a responsible manner. My younger grand daughter,(she  will be referred  as a Princess) grew up in the shadow of her elder sister.It is natural that she has acquired  the likes and dislikes of her sister.Both sisters are  fond of Dancing.They  learnt dancing   when they were hardly  three years old.They  have performed  at school and college level  functions. The Princess  is  very much concerned about the welfare of the family.Both  girls are our son's daughters. They love fast music..I am playing two songs which I presume they will like.The first one is We Are Young and the other one is a remix version  of Hawa Hawai.



  The other  two  grand children are the sons of our daughter.We will refer to the elder one a as Prince and the younger one as Smartu.The Prince is going to become a Doctor in a couple of months. From  his looks he  is  innocent but appearances are deceptive.  He is  a boy with a strong will  and determination and is blessed with  great  self confidence.  He has strong likes and dislikes. He is very fond of listening to old Hindi movie songs. Quiz competitions are his forte. Right from his early school days there was hardly a quiz competition in which he did not get a prize.  The younger one Smartu is actually  a smart boy. He is  a happy go lucky  child, but at the same time very sharp and  intelligent. He is a  connoisseur  of   guitar. Whereever he goes his guitar  accompanies   him.He is  also a connoisseur  of  good food. He likes to listen to Rock music  and also  sings rock music with  great enthusiasm. I present the following  songs  for the boys and their parents to enjoy.








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  1. You have such vivid and wonderful memories of your grandchildren! It's so heartwarming to see that you are so proud of them!!
    Have a great time with them, Ma'am! :)

  2. Thanks Shilpa. Your words are always encouraging.

  3. While reading the post, I went into the future and wondering, will I be there to write about my grandkids? Another sweet post, Usha ji...:) good to know more about your family.