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northern lights

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Devotional Music in Hindi Movies

  Devotional songs have always found a place of pride in  movies made in our country but  have been  successful  even several years  after their release.

     There was a movie., Do Ankhen Barah Haath directed by V Shantaram, in which a very popular devotional   song  was  the main attraction of the film.

This song  is an all time   favourite  with young  and  old alike. It was adopted by many Schools , to be the part of  the school assembly. 

The next  devotional song which I am  posting  here is from the movie Baiju Bawra,sung by Mohd. Rafi. The song is so moving that it  is capable of touching the  very chords of  the  heart of the listener. This song is based  on Hindustani Classical music.



There is another  song  which is fresh in memory.  It is from the film Geet Gaata Chal and based on the  lines from  Ram  Charit Manas . I feel this  song  will be appreciated .


The Bhajan which became very popular is from the movie Ankush.This song also has found a place  in many  schools'  morning assembly. The music is haunting and the words are inspiring.

There was an old movie starring Dev Anand ,Sadhana and Nanda. .They were the top stars in those days..The song was very appealing and  became  very successful.The name of the movie was Hum Dono.

The last song that I am including here is  from the film Hari Darshan.It  is the chanting of  the Lord's name.
I  have written this post to revive the memory of  some  devotional songs. 
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  1. Selection of Bhajans is very good, especially 'Man tadpat hari darshan ko aaj'is my all time favourite.

  2. A great collection of bhajans here!!
    Ae malik tere bande hum is so soul stirring and touches you so much!
    Even itni shakto hame dena is wonderful too! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Shilpa for appreciating my collection of bhajans.