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northern lights

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Famous Music Directors of Hindi Cinema

Hindi Cinema  is different from  movies of other countries  because of abundance  of songs. The songs hold a place of prestige in  Hindi cinema. The popularity of a movie is judged by the success rate of the  songs. In olden days songs were composed with very few accompaniments.The lyrics too were simple but  the songs  were  sung by people very enthusiastically. Husan Lal  -Bhagatram   were popular  music Directors. Sample a song directed by them  for the movie Badi Bahen.

  This   song was a rage. It  took the whole country  by storm. This duo  directed the music of several movies.  Surraiya, Shamshad Begam  and Noor Jahan were  the singing stars of that era.  The success of the  songs in those days depended on the songs  sung by these   artists                                                             

Naushad was  a very versatile music director.  His career started in the year 1940  and continued up to 2006. His songs for Mother India and Baiju Bawra brought him great laurels. Mohd Rafi was an up coming  singer  those days He too contributed to the success of  Naushad. He gave a classical touch to film music  which proved  to be  very popular  with  the  public.  The following devotional song sung by Mohd. Rafihad  a classical flavour.Naushad  sung for almost every artist of those times


                                                                                                                    While speaking of Music Directors  we cannot afford to miss the name of Shankar Jaikishen. This  'jodi , SJ .' was  one the greatest  Music Directors. They were spotted by  Raj Kapoor, in whose  films  they gave  memorable music, which is hummed by music lovers even   after a lapse of  more than half a century.I  love the following song  which they directed  for Chori Chori

S.D. Burman was another  Music Director  who  achieved great heights. His songs  had the touch of Bengali Folk Music.He collaborated with Dev Anand  and produced  songs for famous films like Taxi Driver,  Pyasaa,  Sujata and Nau Do Gyarah. Singers like Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar  came into form by associating with him. The song from Jaal sung by Hemant Kumar is presented here


One more song Directed by S.D. Burman which was an all time hit is also  presented below. It is from the movie Sujata , sung by Talat Mahmood

Rahul Dev Burman son of S.D. Burman , was a Music Director of repute.  His songs had  a touch of  Western Music. Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle reached the pinnacle of their  career , singing songs  directed by RD Burman. He directed songs for famous movies like Yaadon Ki baraat, Sholay and Masoom.He sang the song Mehbooba o Mehbooba  . He also made remix numbers of some  renowned songs. 

I am very fond songs directed by Kalyan Ji, Anand ji.They entered the world of Music when many big-wigs were ruling the the film world.That was the golden period of  film music.With their perseverance and dedication they made a place for themselves.Kishore Kumar sang  some super hit under their direction.One such song is  being presented  here . The song is from the movie, Safar.

One of my most favourite Music Directors is Madan Mohan.  He was popularly known as Ghazal ka Prince. Some of the best  compositions  were sung by singers like Talat Mahmood and Lata Mangeshkar. A ghazal by Talat Mahmood ',Phir wohi shaam'  is my  all time favourite.

 There are songs and songs . There are many more famous Music Directors like Salil Chaudhry, Anil Biswas  and OP Nayyar .But there is no end. The world of music is  like  an unfathomable ocean.The more we we try to hold on the more it  loosens its grip. I end this with a  popular song,from Anarkali which I feel is one of Lata Mageshkar's best!!


  1. We will never get to hear songs of olden days.
    When dd one imagine,one will have lyrics with wrds like BHUTNI DEY

    1. Songs of olden days are nostalgic. They are for ever,only thing is that we should have the time to listen and appreciate.

  2. beautiful compilation. there is something in the music of yore that touched your soul along with the lyrics.
    i used to listen to these songs on my radio in the night during my college days.

    I love the present day music too of ARR, shankar ehsaan loy etc.,

  3. Thank you,Asha for your comments.Yes, some present day Music Directors are very good.I propose to write about them shortly.

  4. Oh wow! These are very old songs, which we dont get to listen to commonly now-a-days! Some of these songs are so very soothing and so very melodious and almost soul-stirring!

  5. Thank you, Shilpa.You are very correct.Old songe are undoubtedly very melodious.