northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Everyday Marvels

Everyday Marvels

 The title of the  contest  for WOW has, in a way, made me   aware of so much happening around me but  it was as if it did not exist  before .  I am so much engrossed in the daily hum drum  of life  that  I   have no time to  ponder over  my surroundings  and  things which  have always been around.   The truth is that I have never  seen the beauty   which  is all around me. Within  the  natural  surroundings   of  our own  habitat   are  hidden    so many secrets   that if you unfold them , you will  realise that  your  visiting   the hills and tourist resorts  to  be in the  midst  of nature  is  superfluous. The  ambience   which I can enjoy from my balcony  is exotic.  The majestic eucalyptus trees dancing  with gay abundance  enthuse you.There are so many trees,which have adorned our house like the ornaments  worn by a new bride.You name  a tree and it is there. There are Gulmohars, Laburnums, Ashok, Neem, Amaltas and many more.

 Last evening ,when  I was sitting in the balcony of my house  I  was witness to another  world .  A battalion  of  small black ants  was  marching  in an  orderly manner  to no where.What a discipline!! As if they had  been trained by  some professionals.  The world of these insects  and birds is  unique, which  a commoner like me fails to fathom. My husband has made it a practise that after his daily puja   he keeps the remains  in a flower pot. When  he started  keeping  the prasad   a few  crows used to  come hesitatingly , take  away the prasad ,perhaps to enjoy  it in a solitary place. But  nothey seem to  have understood that their  mentor  has no  malafide intention, they wait for him  to   offer the prasad  and eat it in  his presence and proximity . Some days if he is late for the Puja the crows  start cawing and crowing loudly.!! I and my husband have another endearing friend…… a squirrel. We used to keep some nuts on the parapet  of our balcony’ This little squirrel comes every day  for the nuts. Some days back  there were no nuts to be kept.This smart little  creature tried  to climb  our door as  if to  remind us !!    Besides these live friends, there are  a variety of flowers in the balcony  which I saw closely in  the last few days

The front side of the house is witness to  trees  and flowers of different  colours. A sweet fragrance emanating from them is mild  and soothing for the soul.

Just opposite to  our residence  is a park. I never  gave any thought  to it. It was only an ordinary  existence for me. What I observed in the last two days has  been a great learning experience.  It  is   a   sort of   revelation   and  an eye opener. It is a sort of mini mirror of the society. Early mornings  and  evenings  the park is  full,  people  from all  strata  of society   come to this park, which becomes a sort of kaleidoscope. Besides  regular walkers there are   people sitting in groups and gossipping. The hot topics  for discussion  are  politics and  family woes. In another corner  a yoga class is in progress.  Then there is a laughter club  where people  laugh  at the highest pitch of their voice. In the afternoon the park is taken over by  the maids  of the colony.

   Looking  around in the last two  days was an exhilarating experience  for me . In conclusion I am reminded  of some of  the famous lines of a poem, 'All things bright and beautiful' by the poet, William Henry Monk.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all.



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  1. WOW! You are surrounded by nature and you have beautifully captured them in words. Liked the way you have correlated the ants march to discipline.

    Nice post!!

    1. Asha thanks a lot for your words of appreciation.

  2. Past week I too have been thinking about same thing and this weekend have been much better when I chose to spend some quite time with family and myself... Thanks so much for reinforcing the thoughts!

  3. Have a nice time with your family.