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northern lights

Monday, 19 November 2012

Quick and easy recipes.from my Kitchen

Many times it happens that when I am preparing something my grand daughters want me to leave as they want to make. I cannot  but bend down to their wishes.In my heart of   hearts I pray that things should  go right.   They are always confident that they can manage on their own. They handle the job dexterously, which makes me wonder how and when did they acquire the expertise!! Both of them enjoy cooking   dishes that they relish. The  dishes  that they handle are noodles, pasta, eggs , sandwiches and cakes. The most important thing is that  they have  been  trained to prepare it  in a simple method. I am giving below a cake recipe.


1.All purpose flour  One cup

2.Sugar     3/4th of a cup

3.Curd      3/4th of cup

4.Cooking oil  3/4th of a cup

5. Baking powder  1 tsp

6. Cooking soda  1/2 tsp

7.Vanilla essence 1/2 tsp

8.Cocoa powder  3/4 cup

Method of preparation

1st step    Preheat the oven

2nd step    Put all the articles in a  blender and  switch it on for  10  to 15                     minutes   till   all the ingredients are  well blended. the paste should  neither be very thick  nor very thin. (If it very thick add add 4 to 5  spoons of milk.If you find it too thin add little  cocoa powder.)

3rd step   Grease the cake dish  with a  pinch of oil.  Now put the paste in the baking dish  and  keep the dish   inside the oven.

4th step   Bake the cake for 20 to 25 minutes  at 180 o ' Fahrenheit temperature.

5th  step  Allow it to cool  down. Now invert it  on to a plate. Your cake is ready to eat.  You will  enjoy the delicious  sooofffftttt  cake. Do not forget to  tell every body  who takes a piece  that the cake has been prepared  by your daughter.

Recipe for Sandwich

      Children  love  to eat  sandwiches . They are light and easy  on the stomach.  When  I first made   these sandwiches, all those who ate them  were full of praise for them . My grand daughters named them  'Dadi Special Sandwiches.'   Very often the children  take  sandwiches to  School/College. In no time the  demand for the  sandwiches increased.Whenever there is a function or a party in their institution the demand  increases.They will just say 'Dadi, give  forty sandwiches  for tomorrow'.I do not mind preparing any number  of sandwiches for them. in fact,  I love to prepare  any thing for the children and the family. Now both of them have also started   preparing  sandwiches.I am sure that once the children taste the sandwiches they  will want to prepare them.


1.  Bread slices   8

2  .Hung curd    4tbsp

3.  Egg less mayonnaise  3 tbsp

 4. Cheese  spread   2tsp

5  Tomato sauce    1 tbsp

6   Mustard sauce  1/4 tsp

7.   Olive oil             1 tsp

8.   Salt   to taste

9.   Pepper powder  1 pinch

10.  Grated  and well squeezed vegetables     4 tbs

(Carrot, Bell pepper, Cabbage,

and Cucumber) 


Step 1.          Cut the sides of the slices. 

 Step 2.         In a  bowl put all the ingredients except the grated  vegetables. 

 Step3.          Mix  well so that everything is  blended together  finely. 

  Step4.          Now add the vegetables  and mix well.

Step 5.            Spread the paste on the slices.

 Step 6.          Cut the sandwiches in any desired shape. Serve.

Step  7.           The sandwiches can also be grilled.

 Both  these two recipes  can very well be handled by children, as they do not require  any cooking on the fire. I am sure that the children will love them. 






  1. Wonderful recipes! Liked the dadi special sandwich... will try it out soon! Thanks for sharing, Ma'am! :)

  2. Sounds interesting....not that I can ever make it..

  3. Thanks for your comments. I am only a phone call away.You are welcome any time to taste the dishes

  4. The sandwiches sound yummy...I am writing this one down. I think it's easy enough for even Bhuni Chacha to handle ;) Haha

  5. Thank you Sita for remenbering me. I am sure you will like the sandwiches. They are actually yummy.