northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 24 January 2014

Some times the heart sees what the eyes cannot

Divya and Sonal were fast friends They studied in the same class in school. Both of them studied in the same college but they were not in the same class. Whereas Divya had opted for Political Science,  Sonal chose Economics. But they were good friends. After they completed their graduation they got a job in the same firm. Both of them were working in  the planning Department of  a large firm.. They were inseparable. Every one in the office called them 'hanson ka joda.'( A pair of swans)
  Sandeep was a handsome young boy.Any girl would consider herself fortunate to have such a handsome  husband. Many girls were after him. He also enjoyed this attention. He was Sonal's neighbour. Many times he made advances towards Sonal, but she never responded.
          Sonal never knew that her closest friend, Divya and Sandeep  were in love. In spite of the fact that they were very good friends, Divya kept this as a secret. Their friendship developed when Divya used to visit Sonal's house. She met Sandeep ,when they were children. When they grew up  their friendship  took the form of love. He gave her lift in his car quite often.  In fact Sandeep told Divya not to confide in Sonal about their friendship.
Sandeep's father had a flourishing business  in Dubai. After he finished his education ,his father sent him to Dubai. Divya told him that they should get married before he went to Dubai. But he said that he had not told his parents about her. He promised that soon he would  disclose his love to them. Divya was disappointed. She was not her usual self.  Sonal noticed the change in her friend's behaviour. On her persistent questioning Divya told her about Sandeep. She was shocked to her this. She  asked  Divya why she hid this from her. Sonal  told her that Sandeep was not a good boy. She  told  Divya was not his  only friend. There were many more with whom he was flirting. Divya was broken hearted. 
              Days changed into months and months into years. Sandeep's calls, and sms  messages also stopped. Even when she sent one he did not reciprocate. One day Sonal gave her a bomb shell. She asked Divya,"How do you like Mr. Rajat Mathur?". Divya said,"What ,are you talking about the boss?/" "Of course yes. He is in love with you".  Divya retorted, "How can you say all this!  So many girls in the office are charmed by this tall , dark and handsome man." Sonal told her," The girls may be after him, but he is madly in love with you. Sometimes the heart sees what the eyes cannot.I know that he loves only you." Divya again said,"No, no,no, it is not possible.". "Why not? It is  not only possible, it is a fact that I love you madly and cannot live without you". This was Rajat Mathur, addressing Divya. While passing by he had heard the conversation between the friends and stepped inside. Sonal quietly came out, leaving the two inside.

 This is a fictional story written in response to Write Tribe prompt  Wednesday  2014 --4.Sometimes the heart sees what the eyes cannot.


  1. Beautifully spun around the phrase, interesting !

  2. A wonderful friend indeed... It's strange n amazing how best friends can see through each other

  3. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Loved it :)

  4. When the heart means well, it can see quite a lot...Nicely narrated Ushaji :)

  5. I absolutely love the way u narrated the story, Usha-ji. It's so sweet and real. Love and the heart is the barometer of one's feeling and existence:)

    1. Thanks Vishal. I appreciate your lovely comments.

  6. A friend always sees what's invisible to the naked eyes of others :) Good story :)

  7. Interesting story! liked the title very much.