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northern lights

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

All time favourite Malayalam spiritual songs

 All time favourite Malyalam spiritual songs


Malyalam music is very pleasing to the ears. It  is very soothing. As Malyalam language is heavily  influenced by Sanskrit,  it is but natural that Malayalam songs  have a good sprinkling of Sanskrit  idiom. The melodious music overwhelms the senses. Today I am going to play all time favourite  Malyalam songs. The first one is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.









The next song is sung by Yesudas.It is a dedication to  Lord  Ayyappa.


The following  popular song Chethi Mandaran Tulasi is  dedicated to  Bhagwan Krishna .Even small children love to sing and dance to its music

The last song in this collection ,again a dedication to Lord Krishna is  very melodious and at the same time very soothing.



All the four Malayalam spiritual songs,  have a close  semblance to Sanskrit and  can be enjoyed by non Malyalees as well.

All songs :courtesy You Tube










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  1. harivarasanam by yesudas is one of my favorites. This is a lullaby song for the sabarimala ayappan and i think the last song to be played in the night before the temple closes.

  2. Thank you Asha for your comments.Thank you also for enlightening me that Harivarasanam is a lullaby, played at Sabarimala. I did not know this earlier.

  3. Goodness, you went across all those soul filling ones. The last one Kesadhipadam , is one of my most favourite. It was the song my father liked too. And when I hear it played, I remember him and the pity of the sour relationship, unpleasant memories haunt, but is effaced by the song.

    You said it right, the influence of Sanskrit has played to the advantage of Malayalam.

  4. Thanks Anil for appreciating the songs.