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northern lights

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Another instance of massive twin births.

In continuation  of  my post  on Twins in a Kerala  village I have a similar  report today. The Hindu Newspaper of today (16 th Dec.2012) carries another story. This states that in a U.P. village,Mohhamadpur Umri,  the twin phenomenon has been found.  Here too , according to the report are 120 identical twins in a population of just over couple of thousands. Another interesting feature of the village is that the girls born  here who go to far  off places have been known to have twins.
      Another amusing feature of this village is that animals too, produce identical twins  once in a while. Many researchers throng this village to  conduct studies about this strange phenomenon.Situated near Allahabad, the villagers are used to   numberless  visitors  such as scientists,students, medical researchers, and curious people ,coming there to find out the reasons for  unusually large number of twin births.


  1. Pretty crazy, should I say? But worth a reseasrch and study.

  2. That sounds really intriguing...I'm wondering if it's something in the food and/or water perhaps that they are ingesting...what comes to mind is something along the lines of discarded pharmaceuticals that end up producing too much estrogen. And I know that as women give birth as they are older, that multiple births - twins and triplets for example - are more common. At my small workplace, there were about three or four of us, myself included, who are twins. ;) <3

    1. Thank you Elly for throwing some light on this mysrery.That it is too much of estrogen is most probably the cause. Scientists have visited this village from far and wide,but no report has been published officially.