northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 17 December 2012

Collection of Ghazals from Hndi Movies

I have already written  about some old Hindi songs which were appreciated by many  friends. To day I am presenting some ghazals.Actually the ghazals  shown in Bollywood films  are a different genre altogether.They are not ghazals in the real sense. But they have made a distinct place  for themselves. I am playing a few ghazals which  I hope will be liked by my friends.The first one is from the movie Mirza Ghalib.This movie had many famous ghazals  but my choice is for Dil-e-naadan tujhe hua  kya hai,sung by Surriaya and Talat Mahmood.

The next one is a popular ghazal from the movie Dushman,Na chithi naa sandesh .



 Now is the turn  of a ghazal  

from the movie Arth,Tum itna jo 

muskura rahe ho.This is

sung by Jagjeet Singh


 Sham e -gham ki kasam is a famous ghazal sung by Talat Mahmood.It is  very difficult to select a gazal sung by Talat Mahmood.All his songs  are equally good. 








 This ghazal is from the Movie, Aahista Aahista.It has  a very soulful music.

Last but not the least I am   reminded of K.L.Saigal, who can be called the King of ghazals. The song is from the movie My Sister, Ae Katibe Taqdir Mujhe Itna Bata De

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