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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Today's youth whereto?


Today’s youth whereto?
A few days ago I read a news in the paper   that four young boys and girls, all drunk, in a car  dashed  into a stationary truck  in the early hours of the morning. All the four  died   on the spot. This news was very depressing. I  was  lost in deep thoughts. Where was the younger generation  heading  to? Who was responsible for this state of affairs.  I kept pondering over this issue for some days. My mind was  full of disturbing thoughts.
 A sort of debate was going on in my inner self,  when yesterday  a friend of mine disclosed to me  about her own family affairs. In  a  very moving  narration she described to me how  the elders in the family struggled hard to make a  a comfortable  living. And now the   youngsters do not realise how much  the seniors in the family  struggled  hard to keep  them  united and  self reliant.
 My mind was already full of these  thoughts. This disclosure  by my friend immediately triggered  in my mind  a necessity to  dwell on this  issue in an article  and invite comments and suggestions as to   how this  pernicious evil can be eradicated from  the society.
 The problem of waywardness in some young people is  not confined  to any one country.  This evil is spread  far and wide. Its tentacles are spread  all  over the  world and are deep rooted. It will be a yeoman’s task to   remove  this pest  for ever. If we analyse why do such   misguided people  indulge in undesirable  activities.  It is mainly to get quick money and the luxuries that come with it. Moreover there are  too many temptations all around and it is difficult to resist them. The question arises how can such poisonous elements who have spread their fangs far and wide be brought under the loop. Media is also partly responsibility for this situation. The concerted efforts from all quarters will be required to combat and counter this evil. How can such poisonous  elements  who have spread their fangs far and wide be brought into the loop. What is the solution? Any suggestions?




  1. It all lies in the ways of parenting. I am surprised and appalled at the way that today's children and also some parents behave. I wrote a similar post on parentous with the suggestions. here is the link......fee

  2. Thank you Asha for the comments. I do agree that the parents are to a great extent, responsible for indulging in all the demands of the children,reasonable or unreasonable.But there are many more factors which contribute to this state of affairs.Even peer pressurs is one.

  3. My son would be a teenager in few years and am dreading it. I think as kids grow into teens and adults, parents need to sit and talk with them about all these issues...keep a watch on who they are friends with, their classes, their timings, what they are doing in extra time, such kind of may look like doing a detective business, but if we don't; then we have to keep hearing news like these often.

    1. Dont dread.Be a friend of your child.Understand his feellings.Respect his individuality. I am confident that everything will fall in place.

  4. We say today's children, today's world etc etc. But is it not that the evil we talk about has been there from the very olden times?
    The revolution that has come about in this age with communication may have acted to disperse news and information quicker and wider. Hence perhaps we feel there is much devilishness in the world today than ever before.
    There is no panacea , no effective medicine . The venality is in Man and as long as he is around you can't see a better world.

    However a closed knit family a good childhood, a formative education
    can perhaps do wonders. There was an article in The Hindu today on the terrorist Kasab. It was matter of fact.

  5. I don't know if parents alone can be held responsible, just because that's the easiest thing to do. When the world around us is changing in every way, we can't expect our children, their friends, or we ourselves to behave in the same way like it used to done earlier.

  6. I agree that parents alone are not to be blamed for the waywardness of todays youth. It is also the society which tolerates such behaviour.To a great extent media is also responsible.More over the law too is too lenient. In schools the teachers cannot even touch the child.At home too the the same rule is applicable. We have heard children becoming aggressive after being scolded and threaten their parents/teachers to report to the police.
    Thank you for visiting my post.