northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 27 December 2012

From my kitchen diary part 16

In winter months every one loves to have  some thing hot in the cosy comfort of their room..The question arises what to take.  In our house we love to have hot soup.I will share with my friends a recipe of a soup, which is relished by every body at home. During winter months fresh corn is not available. Of course we get  tinned corn .We can  use it but many people do not  like the  smell of tinned corn.I have found a way out.I use popcorns to prepare soup.Believe me it turns out to be as tasty as fresh  corn soup. 

Ingredients :

1Popcorn    2cups

2.Mushrooms   i/4 cup

3.Carrot and beans   1/4 cup

4.Salt        To taste.

5.Pepper powder   to taste

6.Butter      4 teaspoons

7.Refined flour  2 teaspoons

Method of preparation;

Cut  the carrots,beans and mushrooms into small  uniform pieces.Saute them in 2 tsps of butter. Remove from the fire when done.Keep aside. Boil popcorns in three cups of water in a pressure cooker. After two whistles remove from the fire. Sieve  the cooked popcorns in a soup strainer. Now put 2 tsps butter in a karhai and add the flour. Stir it for  a minute and add the boiled popcorn and   carrots,beans and mushrooms.  Add salt and pepper powder.Boil it well till the  it thickens. Remove from the fire.We can boil till  it gets the desired consistency.Serve piping hot.