northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Second Innings


 The life  follows a set circle from  birth to death of a person. Childhood is a period when  a person knows no worries. It is all play  without  any responsibilities. Then comes a period when the same individual  has to enter the portals of school and college and prepares  to face the ups and down of life. Once his studies are complete, he is left  to look after the needs of his family. This is the period when an individual  is faced with a burden   not only to provide  for the family, but also to ensure that  the children are well settled.
                               This is a story  of Mr. Pradeep Puri. Today he has retired from a prestigious post  of a class 1 gazetted officer.  For the last few days he had  reminiscences about his past. His whirlwind romance with his wifeSuman, their first born, a cute little girl, followed by a sweet  boy, which made his family complete. 
  Like a video player, the real incidents from his life were  being  played before his eyes. He had completed all his obligations towards his family. Both his children were well settled. He had a house of his own. What next? What next? was going on in his mind. There was no other option but to sleep whole day or to read the news paper. There was nothing left to be accomplished. He drifted into sleep.
 In the morning he got up  with a heavy head. While taking his usual cup of tea, he switched on the TV. A cricket match was on. The commentator announced,'' The second innings is going to start.Hope India will do better now.'' SECOND  INNINGS . These two words went on and on in his mind. Suddenly he got up and said loudly,''I will play second innings. I will not give up.''
               He contacted the Social Welfare Department and expressed that he would like to do something for the poor children. He was provided with the addresses of poor families.   Now Mr. Puri was fully occupied. He taught poor children and also catered to their small needs. He  and his wife went for morning walk and remembered their days of romance' Mr Puri assured her that he would soon write the story of his love. He  fulfilled his promise to his beloved wife. The book named, ''Reverse Gear'' was released on her birthday.
            Tomorrow is Mr. Puri's eightieth birthday. Both his children were present. Mr Puri looked smart and healthy for his age. His children requested their parents to live with them, but they refused.''No,'' he said,'' Only now WE have all the time in the world to romance.'' 

This is a fictional story

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