northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mom we miss you.

Today on the ocassion of Mother's Day,my mom has quietly entered my thoughts a number of times. While cooking in the kitchen, calling  us one by one for breakfast and each one of us getting our favourite dish, already on the table waiting for us!All of us   left  wondering when did she get the time to present  every one's choice on the table. There is nobody who can match or share Mother's love. Mother is a living and loving God  on the earth. Her love, care and affection for each of her children is unparalled.  O mother dear, how much love is hidden in your heart for all of us! The best part is that each one of us thought,''I am mom's pet''.
                                          I am now eighty years old. Even now my mom is my role model.  I  never, even in  my dreams thought that such pure and  plenty of LOVE and AFFECTION could overflow for each of my children, their spouses and my grand children. My heart beats for each one of them. I have no words to express my overflowing love for them. Mothers love for the chiklren is genuine.  It is unmeasured,and cannot be weighed. aiat cannot be understood. 
    Here is a small poem, depicting the love of  a mother.
                                                                  Children, your love is hidden 
                                                                  in layers and layers of emotions
                                                                   within the precints of my heart.
                                                                   you are  in each  thought of mine.
                                                                   In the autumn of my life.I crave
                                                                   silently for each one of  your love
                                                                   you came to me as balm for my soul
                                                                  each one of your thoughts fresh in mind

                                                                   You are a special reward for me
                                                                    from God, a gift to be cherished
                                                                    My day and night prayersfor for your
                                                                     glory, success, name and fame

                                                                     My dear ones D K R and R
                                                                     And H  J  U along with A
                                                                     rest of my life is for you all  
                                                                      may   you all live life blissfully.

                                                                     Mom and Dad's  sincere prayers
                                                                      for name fame sucsess and glory
                                                                       may your life  bring  prosperity
                                                                       peace and strength all the way.                     



  1. That's beautiful, Usha! My own mother passed out of this life a couple of years ago now and I do miss her. I love my husband, our two sons and our daughter. (No grandchildren yet as the kids are 12-18.) When I do get to meet them someday I will probably follow my mother's example at meeting my youngest - burst into tears and have to be helped to a chair and given a glass of water. My heart will be overflowing with love.

    I am glad I read your post today. I'd been feeling a little wistful with my own mother gone and now I just feel the love. Thank you.

    1. LuAnn, honestly your comments made me weep. I must have read your comments numberless times. I am glad that I got a friend like you. Motherly emotions are the same in every one.This is the reason we can relate to each others thoughts.

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  3. Earnest prayers from mother's heart will sure bless the offspring.

  4. Such a sweet heartfelt prayer of a poem Usha! :) And yes, there is no other love that is or can be parallel to a mother's love: God-like as you insinuate as it is unconditional. <3. (And a happy belated mother's day to you too dear!)