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northern lights

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The magic wand of Fairy God Mother

A sweet little girl, Pari, lived in a small town, Bulandpur  with her father.Her mother died after giving birth to her. She was very beautiful. Her fair complexion   attracted every body. Even a small mark of dust made her look tired.  The neighbours used to say that Pari was a real fairy.  Her eyes were like shining stars. Anyone who saw her once, could not take away their  eyes from her face.She was the only child of her father. He doted upon her. 

william beechey girl child
One day when Pari was going to school, there was a heavy dust storm. A small particle of dust entered her eyes. She rubbed her eyes, but there was no relief. In fact  the rubbing of the eyes  resulted in watering from the eyes. Her father took her to a doctor. who prescribed some eye drops. There was no improvement in her condition.Her father  took her to Delhi and she was shown to an eye specialist. The doctor gave an injection in her eye.When there was no sign of improvement, she was admitted to the hospital. A day was fixed for the surgery of her eye.On the day when the surgery was fixed, in the morning Pari told her father that a fairy god mother came to her at night. She said that the fairy told her that she was her god mother and no harm would come to her.Pari's father prayed to God that his daughter's dream may come true. The Doctor came to examine Pari  before taking her to the operation theatre, He told Pari's father,''There is a miracle.Pari's eye has shown great improvement.There is no need for an operation.'' A fairy godmother has  shown her magic wand. Pari  recovered within a week and was discharged from the hospital.

This story is not a fiction. It is based on a real incident.The names of the characters have been changed.
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  1. Ah ha miracles are a must need

    Good doctor for sure


  2. Cool! :) I went from thinking it was non-fiction to fiction. Great to hear it was true...miracles are certainly a part of everyday life. We just need to believe it! ;) <3

    1. Thank you Elly. . This is a rezl incident