northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Naming a baby

Damayanti and Rajesh , a newly married couple, while on a honeymoon to Goa had endless  things to share. They went on and on chirping and tweeting.They were travelling in a  Deluxe Bus  from  Mumbai to Goa. Every  one in the bus was  watching them curiously.  The couple, sitting on the seat behind them were enjoying  the romantic sweet nothings. An old couple in  their seventies  were especially excited. These two were indulging in ''chupke chupke '' romance. 
        No one in the bus  could sleep. They were trying to guess what was the subject ,the newly weds were discussing. Two teenage friends slowly  got up and moved behind the honey mooner's  seat. They heard the sweet and cute conversation between them.
D :I want a boy, handsome like you.
R: No, no, no. I want a  girl, as pretty as you.
D and R  repeatedly  went on and on insisting upon their point, with hugs and kisses in between. The two friends listening to them got bored and moved away.
           Another set of people sat behind their seat to enjoy the ''fun',' that  the newly weds were having.   Perhaps they had  arrived at a common  decision to  have a girl (as if it was in their hands). Now their  romantically oriented  argument was about naming the baby girl. If D said Bindu,R  immediately rejected, '' Chh, it is very old fashioned. We will name her  Narbada,   which was not acceptable to D.'' The  people sitting behind , did find any romance or interest in this discussion and went off to sleep.
   Our story ends here . No one knew what was the  conclusion  of their  discussion. We are anxious to know whether it was a boy or a girl and what was she named. Be ready for the  final  result!!
  They had a  baby girl with cute dimples on her cheeks. Today she  is getting married. What was she named!! No unanimity was reached. Due to her dimples, she was endearingly called 'Dimpu'(what a name). and remained Dimpu all her life.