northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 25 May 2015

A prayer from the heart

Oh God ,maker of vast world
We thrive under YOUR control
Creater of all living and non living
 beings on  this  vast wide, universe
Your benevolent eye equal for all  
We function under your sole control’

From a high pedestal. He surveys
The kind hearted  and benign souls
They are laden with blessings galore
His  eyes  locate the pure and  kind
Casts  a wide  protective umbrella
Leaving back  His  loving affection.

Oh God , a whiff of your protection
Is all I need till I breathe my last breadth
On your lotus feet, I bow my head down
To give me a pinch of your kind mercy..
After  committing unpardonable  sins
I surrender  to YOU  with hope and prayer.

 Many before me have come and gone  
Heart full of evil thoughts they came                 
But left with  grace and  bounties a plent            
Oh,maker of the  universe I  bow my head
And seek  for YOUR humility and  grace
for  the rest of my  life for ever and for ever.

Pics courtesy
1 Golden  Temple Amritsar
2.Drgah sharif, Ajmer
3Se' Cathedral,Goa
4Tirupati Balaji, Tirupati
5 Akshardham Temple, New Delhi

Written for Blog A  Rhythm  weekly thread 24 th30th May 2015. 


  1. Beautiful words. I believe in the power of prayers. They help us, guide us comfort us and steer us in the right direction,always!

    1. Thanks Shilpa. I believe that prayer does' nt mean going to temples. It is matter of faith.

  2. While not a blind believer in prayers alone, I do believe. As Shilpa says, it's a source of comfort at times.

    1. It's for an individual to decide how to pray.Visiting temples alone does not mean a person is religious.

  3. Beautiful words and those pictures. Faith is of utmost importance..

    1. Yes Parul , faith in prayer is for the individual to decide.

  4. Yes Parul faith in GOD is a choice of an individual.

  5. I believe in the Supreme Power but I am not a visitor of temples. Golden Temple is an exception. The place is so serene.