northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 9 May 2015

A courageous woman(part 11)

. She was tired mentally and physically. Perhaps  she  slept on the bench. Suddenly she realised that she was not in the park but in a bed in a big room.. The first thought that came to her mind was that her brother had found her and she was in the house of the old man. No, she was wrong. She was in some new place. She looked around. No one was to  be  seen . She again drooped into sleep.  She got up with a start when someone touched her fore head. A lady asked her how she was feeling. The first question Paro  asked, ”Where am I ? How did I reach here?”The lady said,” You can call me Aunty. Don’t worry, you are in safe hands. Where is your house? Where are your parents?”  Paro was still in a dazed condition. She could not think   logically. She herself did not know how she had reached this place. She  was in such a state of uncertainity that she  herself  tried to recollect the events  how  and when she came here.  Her eyes were still closed, when  sound of some people talking echoed in the room. She saw a young man talking to another man, who seemed to be a Doctor, because of a stethoscope round his neck.  The lady  who  was talking to her was also there. The Doctor came near her bed and said,”Hello, young lady, how are you?” 
Paro,” I am all right.”
The Doctor asked,” What is your name?.”
She replied,”My name is Parvati, but every one calls me Paro”.
The way she spoke innocently , made everyone smile. The Doctor said that she was fine. He took the young man outside and told him,  “She is stressed. She will be allright in a day or two  after some rest.”The man came inside and addressed the lady, “Mom, the Doctor says she is fine. Get her some breakfast.”After his mother left he addressed   Paro,” Should I call you Paro or Parvati?  Before  she  said something,  his mom  entered with a tray . “Have  your breakfast. Mannu, you also come. You have not had anything since morning. I will get some milk.” Paro  asked him  why he had not taken  breakfast. He smiled and said,”I went to call the Doctor. He has certified you  are well, now I will have my breakfast with you.”Paro felt shy  and looked the other side.
                After breakfast, he took her outside. He supported her and walked at  a slow pace with her.  They sat under the shade of a big mango tree. Mannu asked her  lovingly whether she was  comfortable. She just nodded her head. He asked her that why she was sleeping in the park all alone.  She  was terrified. She did not want to think of  the  past events. Something in the eyes of this young man encouraged her to speak.  She told him everything about her past.  Next day in the morning, she told the lady of the house that she was leaving.  Mannu’s mother asked her where she would go. Paro did not say anything. She herself did not know where to go.  Mannu’s mother told her that a friend of hers was working in Social Welfare Department. She said,”I can refer you to her. She may be able to help you.” Paro was more than happy on this proposal.
                 Paro  met  Mrs Gidwani  in her office.  Mrs. Gidwani  sent her  to an orphanage for girls. She advised Paro to study and help the matron in  day to day  work of the  orphanage. Next day when Paro went there, she felt as if she had come to her own house.  The first thing   that   attracted  her was a notice board.

“People become really quiet remarkable when 
they start thinking they can do things. When 
they believe in themselves they have the secret
 to success.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Paro met the matron, Indira   Rani,  who was like a mother figure.  The girls were very fond of her. Paro told her  story to Indira  Rani.   On hearing  the the struggle  in  Paro’s life, tears   came to her eyes. She introduced  Paro to all the girls. There were about 35 girls ranging from  five years to twenty years of age.  All the girls were  victims   in the hands of cruel   society. Three of them  were newly born when they were discarded  by their  parents.
    A new life started for  Paro. She was  very considerate towards the girls. She could relate to  their miseries. She decided that she will get every girl well settled.
Time passed. Paro  completed  her post graduation in Sociology.  Indira Rani gave   charge  to  Paro. Mannu was a good friend. He   loved   Paro  and raised the issue of marriage  to her but she politely refused as she was committed to  settle the girls  staying in  the orphanage. He too joined her in her noble  venture. All the girls were   given  training in a subject of their  choice. They were made relent reliant. Most of  them were married off  in good families.
   On Republic Day, the President of India conferred the award, of Padma  Shri  to Paro.


  1. "She decided that she will get every girl well settled."

    God bless you!

    1. Thank you Emmanuel.You have judged the emotions so well.God bless you.Hugs.