northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Our pet, Elsa

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more 

than he loves himself." This is a quotation that I read 

long ago. I have forgotten the name of the author, but the

words will remain fresh in my mind. Long ago we had an 

Alsation dog, who was the pet of the family. We used to

live in Dehra Dun in a huge bunglow, which was ideal for

an Alsation. When my father was transferred to Delhi we

 had to leave Tinky in Dehra Dun on the advise of the 

vet., who said that  the pet would not be able to 

withstand Delhi heat. Tinky was always in our mind. The

thought of having another pet  never came to our mind.

                                      After several years we got Elsa,

a  Labrador, as a gift from a family friend. She was so 

sweet that we instantly fell in love with her. She was just

two weeks old. She became an integral part of the family.

Her innocent face with  a long tika on her forehead, made

her look like a beauty  queen.

We appointed a trainer for her. She hated him. When he 

came, she knew from his footsteps that he had arrived

and instantly hid behind a door, a curtain or  in my lap.

The teacher, then called her name and slowly she would 

come out from the  place where she was ''hiding''. It was 

very interesting to see her crawling slowly towards her 


             When a  family member arrived home  from 

outside, it was impossible to enter without a 'hello' from 

her. She would become crazy when a family member 

came in. Elsa was very obedient. If something was put in

her bowl, and I  forbade her, she would not touch the 

eatable till she got a green signal. She was mortally 

afraid of my DIL.  If she did some thing wrong, the kids

 would say, ''Mom is coming''. It was a sight to see Elsa.

She used to hide or pretend that she had slept.  There

 were so many interesting  anecdotes about Elsa. We 

had engaged a trainer for Elsa. Like any other small child

Elsa did not like him. The moment she heard his foot 

steps, she used to hide under a chair or behind a door.

One call from the teacher, and Elsa would come and 

stand in front of the teacher, like an obedient student.

 Elsa lived for thirteen years. She was a very healthy pet.

She was very jolly and spread cheer in the whole house.

The last year of her life she suffered a lot.  We consulted 

many vets, she was given  several injections, got the 

best medical aid, but her condition deteriorated. One vet.

 suggested chemotherapy. That was the only hope left.

 Before the   scheduled date , Elsa  breathed  her last.

Her helplessly looking eyes  are still in front of me. The 

whole family was in despair. Elsa Baby  you will always 

be with us.  


  1. I SO love labradors, especially golden as it looked like yours was! :) I can see how attached you were and understandably why. How they are so much like children and our 'babies.' <3

  2. Meeting is joyful and parting is sorrowing.Nice to read.Touching.