northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

3word wednesday 452

The three words are



A smart young man Rajesh was very fond of hunting. One day he went to a forest for hunting with his friends. They went deep into the forest. Suddenly it started raining heavily. In this chaos the friends got separated.When the rain stopped, it became very dark. No thing was visible. Rajesh was confused. He heard some sound of movement. He took  his gun and shot in that direction. Immediately a loud moaning sound was heard. He managed to go there.What he saw there shocked him. His bullet had killed a man, and his wife was crying loudly. He consoled the woman and assured her that she would be taken care of. In her fury The woman cursed him that he would become old and infirm. He would look so unsightly that people would not even come near him. Rajesh begged that it had happened  unintentionally. Rajesh fainted out of shock. The woman felt sorry for him. He had shot unknowingly. She told him that once she cursed him it could not be taken back. ''If a young girl takes pity on you and gives you water, you will regain your original form''She said this and disappeared. Rajesh's form immediately changed. He went home but no one recognised him. He went and sat on the pavement. People, passing that way were scared of him.His ragged  clothes and threatening form was repulsive, that he became unconscious. A college girl used to see him everyday and felt sorry for him. When she saw him unconscious, she could no longer control herself.She gave him water. Instantly he changed into a handsome man.He related his story to her.

Written for 3 word Wednesday.