northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 2 November 2015


tDuring the festive season bangles  appear in the shops in 

plenty. The colourful bangles made of different  material are a 

favourite with every one. There is hardly a female who is not 

fond of bangles.In Indian culture bangles have always been a 

part of a married woman's trousseau. They are made  of 

different material like gold, silver, glass, plastic etc.  

      Bangles signify married women.In most parts of the country

 red bangles are worn by married women. In some other parts 

 green bangles are worn .If a woman becomes a widow, the 

bangles are broken. It is very heart rending to see the ladies 

breaking the bangles .    
 Young and unmarried girls 

love bangles. I was fond of 

bangles since childhood.  I 

have a large collection of 

bangles. They have been bought  from different parts of the 

country. Some of them are shown here. I specially 

like the white pearl bangles. I don't like any other jewellery.

     What about you  ?  Do you  like bangles? Which colour?


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