northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 26 November 2015

3 word Wednesday 453

Habitual, adjective: done or doing constantly or as a
habit, regular; usual.

Illustrious, adjective: well known, respected, and 
admired for past achievements.

Jumbled, verb:  mix up in a confused or untidy way

Kitty and  Pam  were twin sisters.Even though they were twins, there were no similarities in their face or in their actions. Right from childhood Kitty was well behaved  and intelligent.She was habitual in completing her work in time. On the other hand Pam was very inobedient and careless. She picked up quarrels with every one without any reason. Their parents  were very much worried about Pam. As the girls grew up, the distance between the two  increased.Pam was irresponsible and always jumbled up every thing. She failed in eighth class twice.Kitty topped in the public examination. Now  Pam was jealous  and  missed no opportunity to critize her  illustrious sister.
                               Today Kitty is a well placed Magistrate and Pam is an ordinary Clerk. Now Pam is repenting, but once she missed the bus there was no way to bring back the past.

Written for 3word Wednesday 453


  1. We can't go back. I like your tale that teaches! Have you thought this might be a good line for children's books?

    1. Last week the story looked incomplete. Then itself I had declared that I would write a sequel.