northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 6 November 2015

A chaos!

(The photo shown below is the garbage of a few buildings damaged in an earthquake.)

PHOTO PROMPT - © Connie Gayer (Mrs. Russell)

Last night's earthquake resulted in complete havoc. All the buildings in the posh  King's Place were damaged. In most of the buildings there were only some minor cracks.Two multi storey malls crashed like a deck of cards. There was  utter chaos among the residents. Charles, whose entire family was missing,was  panicky.Three rescue parties reached immediately to help the people, caught  under the melba on one patch ,a large amount of broken building material and electricity cable were found. It was suspected that a large number was buried under the waste.  Gloom set on the face of Charles.
Word count 100 words

Written  for Friday Fictioneers