northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Love is a many splendoured thing

''Love is a many  splendoured thing'' was a very popular movie  which was released in  India in mid 50s. In those days  some  very good English movies  like The Roman Holiday and The Mother Earth  were released. All the three movies were great hits, which appealed to the  younger generation. I remember that 'Love is a many splendoured thing'  was a very tender  romantic movie, hence we enjoyed it a lot.  
It is a story of  wild love between  an American  reporter, who is separated from his wife  and a widowed lady Doctor, with a small girl from Hong Kong. It depicts  the  period  of  Chinese Civil war.  The love scenes between the two form the major part of the film. The vast greenery is heavenly and a treat for the eyes where the two of them sing together. Their love is curbed by the strict  Chinese elders, and she has to leave her job. She goes away to stay with a friend. 
 In the movie the chemistry between the lovers seems to be perfect. The girl hated him, but it was not visible to the audience.
                                    The movie got many Oscar awards. The movie is still fresh in the mind.


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