northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Why do I write

I  was always fond of writing. I used to write for my school and college  magazines. After college there came a break from writing. After office hours there was no time to write. After my retirement I  wrote my autobiography(these are meant to be written by prominent people, I was just a small fry)After the book was released, the question  confronted me, how to pass time.A blogger cousin suggested blogging, but I had never ever heard of the word 'blog'. He completed all the formalities and I was introduced to blogging.I had no idea that people  commented on each others blogs. I knew it much later, I  received comments on a few blogs but was quite innocent how to comment. Needless to say that my contacts started increasing,and with that I made several good and loyal friends. I  now write because it has become an integral part of my personality. I  never aimed to write for any monetary  gains and till today I write because it gives me inner joy and  keeps my brain active!! 

Written for B A R dated4th Nov 2015

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