northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Medicines for old people

Lakshmi  is 82 and  Harish is 90.  They got married recently. Both of them were very happy. One day while on a walk, they saw a Chemist's shop. They entered the shop, Harish asked the shop keeper whether they sell medicines for heart diseases. He said,''yes sir.''
Harish again asked,'' what about blood pressure medicines?''
Shop keeper,'' Yes sir.''
Harish looked happy and asked,''Medicine for sleeping?''
Shop keeper,''Available.''
''What about suppositeries?''
The shopkeeper smiled. ''Plenty,Sir.''
Harish again said,''Do you have multi vitamins,sleeping pills?''
''Without doubt''
''Do you have a stock of sleeping pills?''
''Of course,Sir.''
The next question came from Lakshmi, '' Do you have walkers and wheelchairs?''
'' Yes , sure. All sizes,Ma'am.''
The next question again came from her,''Do you have a stock of adult diapers?''
''Yes Ma'am.''
Harish looked at his wife. She nodded affirmatively. Harish told the shopkeeper,'' We would like to buy this shop.''

Fun story written for B A R  thread 1st Nov to 7th Nov 2015