northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Magpie Tales Mag 285


Today's Magpie Tales  is a sequel  to last week's story.Those who did not read last week's story , a synopsis is being given here. Mrs. Raman hated  cooking. On being nagged by her friends she arranged a lunch, but forgot to close the kitchen. A cat entered and spoiled the food. All the friends left without  eating. Now read on.
Mrs. Raman was very much disturbed. What will every one think of me! For many days she did not come out of the house. One fine day a friend called her. She advised Mrs. Raman to join cookery class. Once she joined a class, she started getting innovating ideas.After one year she opened her own school. She wrote many cookery books.  After five years she opened a hotel,which became popular because of good cuisine. Mrs Raman was on seventh heaven. She had a special kitchen in the hotel to cook food for poor people and another one for birds and animals.The photo, above, shows a bird having breakfast in Mrs. Raman's hotel.
                Today is Mrs. Raman's D day. All newspapers  have published her role for popularising  cooking.

Written  for  Magpie  Tales  Photo Prompt 289


  1. One can never tell the limits of innovative ideas. Once it starts rolling only the imagination can stall its progress!


  2. Love this sweet success story and the great idea of extra kitchens for the poor and for our fellow creatures. Great write indeed. Bastet