northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Always busy

   Winter days have arrived here
   sun now sleeps longer in heaven
   birds rest in  cozy nest longer.
   No school bus now blows horns
  sweet little children sleep longer.
  A park below is always full of life
  Morning dew drops, or are they pearls
  Early walkers march over relentlessly.
  Yoga trainees loudly laugh ha ha ha ha;
    Old women in a corner, busy in  gossip
    Old men  engrossed in news  and  politics
    A   corner is booked for religious talks
    religious  songs reverberate in the park.
    As  they disperse maids appear with kids
     in their pram, ma'am is always  a topic.
    Social workers, small time politicians
    make an effort to oblige the strangers.
  Not for even a moment the park is alone
 aimless urchins roam leisurely and freely.
  Vagabond, lying in a corner playing flute.  
 Monkey man calls kids for a monkey show
When no one comes he and friend take nap 
   Dogs, cows  have good sleep the whole day.

        written for' out of standard remember remember'




  1. Idyllic! I love the way you formatted this!

  2. It's epic, Usha Ma'am. Love the way you weaved this compelling post:)

  3. ... surely some of this can happen - but all at once? Probably not.

    1. In the park all these things happen one after the other but not at one time.hope it is clear now.

  4. ~~~ so many wonderful lines here ....

  5. I love the rhythm of your poem...the line lengths and flow of visuals is effective. Thank you!