northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What gift do I buy!!

Gift giving has become a very thought provoking issue. The moment we receive an invitation for a party, the first question that arises is 'what gift to give.' In olden days this question did not arise. Thing were easier in those days.Expectations were not so high.Gifts were given as a formality and not as a status symbol.
         When a new baby was born,  even a five rupee note was considered a  luxury. Only  two rupees  used to be sufficient. Ten rupees as gift for  child birth became a talk of the town. I have seen the value of gifts in currency  notes totalling upto hundred,meant a big collection. I am talking about 50's.
                        In  marriages there was a little relaxation. Cash  of hundred rupees was  considered a handsome amount. Instead of giving cash the practice of giving gifts also was becoming popular. The items which were favoured were electric iron, stove,and cooker all costing thirty to forty rupees. With the passage of time, a show off  of all sorts of unimaginative items gained popularity.
                           The present situation  a vulgar display of wealth. Any occassion is fit for a   party. The birthdays of pets are celebrated with great pomp. The amount spent and the amount collected as gifts are sky rocketing. The day is not far when people will employ ' gift planners.'

Written for B A R weekly thread 15th to 21st NOV 2015


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