northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Magpie Tales


Mrs. Raman was never fond of cooking, but she loved eating good food. Whenever she was invited for a party, she had a liberal helping  of every thing . She never invited any one to her house. Initially people did not notice. Slowly,  in parties this was a topic of discussion, in whispers.  Later on  it became the talk of the town. The news finally reached  Mrs. Raman.  She started avoiding parties.
A good friend advised her not to feel disheartened. She told Mrs. Raman,'' Don't get upset. Plan a party. I will help you.'' Mrs. Raman thanked her profusely. 
   Hectic  preparations started, A date was fixed. Every thing was going  as scheduled. The big  day arrived! Aroma of good food  came from the kitchen. Mrs. Raman felt .on top of the world. All the guests arrived.Every body congratulated  Mrs. Raman. Suddenly, there was great commotion. A young boy entered the room shouting, ''Ma, every day you forget to close the kitchen.  The host and the guests were astounded,'' One by one all the guests  left !!! 

Written for Magpie taless Nov 15 mag 294



  1. An uninvited guest of a kitten could have got unfettered access apparently contaminating the fine food before arrival of other guests? Perhaps that was what the guests thought! Couldn't think of other reasons.


  2. Oh dear- but perhaps true friends don't need a feast prepared in order to stay? A wonderful scene

  3. Quite an imaginative response to the prompt...

  4. I hope the still loved her for her good intentions.

  5. Just when a disaster should have been avoided. Pity the guests were so mean spirited and not tried to salvage the situation.

    1. Thanks Old Egg for the welcome comments