northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 11 July 2014

A memorable court case UBC Day 11

 In a small town, an old lady was being questioned in the court. The Defence Counsel asked her,"Amma ji, do you know me?"  The old lady  replied,"Why not? You are Sant Ram.As a child you used to steal  things from houses. The  village Pradhan used to beat you left and right. I remember you running with a blowing nose and no trousers."The advocate bent his head and pointing a finger towards the Prosecution  Counsel asked the lady, "Can you recognise him?" The old lady looked at him and said,"Oh! this dirty fellow. He used to run away from school. He has so many girl friends, including your wife, with whom he is dating." There was laughter in the court. The Judge ordered," Silence!" He called the Defence Counsel by his side and whispered in his ears," Shut up and do your job. If you ask this women about my childhood days, I will never again talk to you." Ha ha ha ha.

Written for the Ultimate Blog Challenge   Day  11