northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 11 July 2014

How to get rid off writer's block


 Writer's Block', this a word which I had never heard  of. It was only very recently I heard of this term. I read it in some of the blogs that I went through. Not that I never had a sort of distaste for writing for a short period, or I was in no mood to write.I did not know that it was called Writer's Block. I once wrote a story for my college magazine, which took hardly two days to complete. It brought me several words of appreciation.  Another story, which I started writing about three months back, is  still lying forgotten in some old datas of my lap top.
 Now the question is how to over come this  obstacle, which blocks the  brain from writing.
1. When the 'block' happens, it is almost impossible to continue. So I leave the piece incomplete, that I am working upon. I rewrite the passage when the thought occurs  again.
2. Sometimes there is a time limit to finish a particular  passage/ story. In such circumstances, I jot down the outlines before I start the passage. Since all the points are already  jotted down, you are spared of racking your brain.
3.Many times when sitting in front of my laptop I go blank and can't think of what to write. I love music of the olden days, whether instrumental or vocal. I switch on my music system. The soft music has a very soothing effect on the mind. You feel relaxed and ideas also come to you rushing. I used to adopt this method while  studying in examination days in college.
4. The next idea may sound silly, but believe me it works wonders. I have four grand children, all four in their mid teens. I ask for their opinion on the topic that I am working upon, and seek their  advice. It REALLY works.
5. The last thing that I do  is to pack up every thing. Either forget the story or keep it under the covers till  some positive thought occurs.

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Written for Write Tribe prompt
“Describe at least 5 ways you tackle writer’s block / blogger’s block” You are free to describe more than 5. 

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  1. That's cute - to pack up till you get some positive thoughts!

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  2. Asking for the opinion of children work wonders. Yes, it works for me too. When I get stuck, I talk to my daughter.

    1. Thank you Payal. The words uttered by the children are spontaneous.

  3. I totally agree with your last option!
    Nice one madam :)

  4. Cute that your grandchildren brainstorm along with you for ideas! I'm sure it works wonderfully well!

  5. Love ur pointers. They are wonderful Ma'am to overcome obstacles to writing:)