northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Happy ,Happy all the way

                                    Oh , our sweet and lovely daughter
                                   Who will be the prince of your dreams?
                                   Who will win the heart of our little doll
                                  He is not only   your prince charming
                                  Your dad and mom too wish   for you
                                  When will  he  arrive on the horizon,
                                  And steal your heart, as well as ours!!

                                 There, thud   HE  came out of the valley
                                With   hundreds of blooming   ambrosias
                                Sending waves of glorious   eternal love!
                              Two eyes met, two other eyes, throbbing
                               Hearts   sent   each other throbbing  ties.
                              Never to   belie trust and conviction.
                              Spring  dawns  with great   aspirations
                              Two doctor’s  dreams mingle into one.
                               They are now two bodies, one heart
                               Beating together day and night
                              He brightened  her whole world.
                             With warmth of his loving  presence
                             Every moment spent together lovingly
                              Is a dream, eyes open, it is  all true.
                           Loving and caring  for mom and dad
                          Their hopes, expectations fully  met
                          Left  the ‘in law’ and became a son.
                         Their  blessings  for ever for you two.
                     Two  delicate flowers bloom in your garden
                    Both  sweet, cute, adoring  and charming
                    Bring new hope, ambition,goal and drive
               Your dreams for them will be a reality
                  They will shine in ’Jyoti’ and blessings
                   of ‘Jagdish’ with ‘Happy’ disposition.

                   Silver Jubilee of each others love celebrated
                   Our blessings, for eternal joy and love forever.


  1. A beautiful post expressing your pure love for the children, apple of your eyes. Usha Ma'am, your posts always spread the positive energy:)

    1. Thank you Vishal. All parents are proud of their children.

  2. Loved the composition for your children's anniversary. I am sure they will be cherishing and treasuring this poem.

    1. Thank you Asha. Your words are always very inspiring.

  3. Beautifully put Ushaji, what a lovely wish!!