northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Book haiku UBC Day Day 15

 The word  'book' has a different meaning in different contexts. I have chosen to use the word in different  forms  in   Haiku.



                                                          Books are treasures
                                                   hiding within pearls  of wisdom
                                                             pick them up .


                                                            For  little  children
                                              Colourful nursery books specially made
                                                             kids love them.


                                                              Booked a seat
                                                  for a baby in mom's tummy
                                                          for  nursery  class.

                                                              Book a berth
                                            in first  class railway compartment,
                                                      before  the vacations.

                                                                   behind bars : Hands (of a young child) clutching prison bars - Selective focus.                                
                                                                  Booked for murder
                                                        languishes behind bars, punished
                                                               for life imprisonment.

Pics courtesy Google
 Written for Write Tribe Ultimate Blog Challenge  Day !5



  1. Interesting...
    Each one of them!

  2. Each one unique and different from the other. Totally 'booked' now :)

  3. Loved this library- collection of different books I mean :)

  4. I loved how you used the word Book with different meanings. wonderful write.