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northern lights

Sunday, 13 July 2014

We are forgettging our pen UBC Day 13

Last week when I sent my cheque to the Bank through my servant, to get it encashed, he came back  and  commented,"Your signatures do not tally". It was a shock for me, as  I have an account with this Bank for more than  twenty years. How could it be?  I immediately  called the Bank Manager and asked him the reason why the cheque  had bounced. He told me that the person who went there was new and  the bank official was also new.  At the same time he added, "Madam, you know how much your signatures have changed ! Any new person would not have cleared the cheque."
                            This statement was so true! I had not realised that my  handwriting had undergone a sea change, during the last couple of years.  You have guessed !  The  new technology  is the culprit!! We have stopped using a pen or a pencil. Our computer, the laptop, or the tablet have  replaced the fountain pen and the ball pen  to a very large extent. At least, I  hardly ever use a pen  or a pencil.  The practice of writing letters has become extinct.  We send SMS's and e-mails not only to our friends and relatives, but also for official correspondence, we do not use pen and paper. In many offices, banks, and industrial establishments use of the computer is made .
                                   In the past we wrote our monthly requirement of  grocery on a piece of paper. Now we purchase most of our daily needs 'on-line or place our order on  phone to  our neighborhood store. Even fruits and vegetables are delivered at home with just a  tinkle. I keep a record of  monthly expenses  in the computer. The clothes given to the 'dhobi' for washing and ironing  are also recorded in the computer.  So when do we use a pen ?  I have no use for the pen except to write a check. I have decided to  start  maintaining accounts through e-banking.
   In offices and many other establishments, the use of pen has drastically reduced.

pen : Color pens over white no, no to pens.                     yes,yes laptop

     Method of paying our bills like telephone, electricity, house tax, water, gas,has become simple  through on line. Sitting inside the luxury and comfort of the house all transactions can be made. Why do we need a pen or a pencil?
In schools and colleges, children have to use a pen, but very soon it will become a memory.

Written for Write Tribe  Ultimate Blog Challenge  Day  13


  1. Though I use laptop extensively, I feel my thoughts flow more easily when I write them down with a pen rather than typing them! But still, pens are really being neglected a lot these days ma'am! We are forgetting our first friends - pencils and pens :D

    1. Thank you Swathi. Some people like to use the pen, but the numbers are coming down.

  2. I too seldom use pen what u said is correct,madam.As the traditional grinder,winnower etc are strange objects to children,pen's status also will be the same.

  3. Thank you Sarala. You are correct. New things are driving away old objects at a quick speed.

  4. Very true Ushaji, writing with pens will soon become a thing of past. I like to jot down my thoughts using a pen, in fact I even gifted my then fiance and now husband one of my ink pens as keepsake after our engagement :P