northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 27 July 2014

My family UBC Day 27 part 1.

After reading a post, written by my friend, Asha, I am also inclined to write about my prince and princess.
The Prince is the elder of the two.There is an interesting story about his birth. He was born on Diwali night. That morning I had gone for a routine check up to the Hospital. There the Doctor did not give any indication that the delivery could take place any time. In fact she told me that the delivery was expected to  take place after three weeks. But as luck  would have it, the same evening I was moved to the hospital. The nurse who took me to the labour room said," Beti, Diwali ke din aaye ho, ladka hoga toh Deepak naam rakhna". (You have come on the Diwali evening. If a boy is born, name him Deepak, which means light). So, the naming ceremony was done, before he was born.Moreover, it was my birthday also.Every one who came to see the baby wished me happy b'day.
                                  Deepak was the first grand child of my parents, so he was very much pampered. For four months after he was born, I stayed with my parents. My sisters, brothers, mom and dad used to dote on the baby boy. When the baby was only three months old, he was made to  lay the first brick  on the site of the house, where my father  proposed to  construct a house. As he grew older, he got every thing that he wanted. He was sent to a nursey school near our house. The maid used to take his breakfast to the school, which included his milkbottle.  I remember  in the school function he  had to recite a nursery rhyme "Little jack horner, sat in a corner". The last line of the poem,"What a good boy am I!" The boy went on repeating the same line. The whole audience laughed and laughed. As per his  poem, he grew up to be a very intelligent and obedient child. He studied in St. Columba's School and got 95 % marks. He got admission in Shri Ram College of Commerce. After that he appeared for C.A. and got through in the first attempt. Today he is a Sr. Partner in a reputed  firm  of  Chartered Accountants.
                                           He got married  to a Kerala girl,working as a Principal of a Sr. Sec. school in Delhi.  She is very lovable and adjusting.She has taken upon herself the responsibility of the whole household. They have two sweet daughters. Both of them are intelligent like their parents.The elder one is doing  PhD in USA and the younger one is studying for Maths Hons,(3rd year) in Delhi.
                      Recently Deepak was elected as The International Director of Toastmasters, which has its Head quarters in USA. He has to do lot of touring,within the country and also many foreign countries.
Deepak and Kavita completed 25 years of married  life, last year in the month of September.  I and my husband are living with Deepak,and Kavita,  and  leading a peaceful retired life.

Written for Write Tribe  Ultimate Blog Challenge Day27   part 1
part 2 will follow tomorrow.


  1. There can be nothing more joyful than seeing your children achieve and be happy in their life. yes, achievement and happiness too. May you be blessed always.

    1. Thank you Asha. It is the blessings of friends like you, which keeps up my spirits.

  2. Happy to know about the lights of your life Ushaji. Stay blessed!!

  3. Thank you Reshma for the kind words.