northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The truth of life UBC day 29th

Shakespeare said that life is a  stage and we are all 

actors. We play our part and move away.  Similarly we 

can say that life is like a train journey. Like passengers, we

 get into the train. Our parents are already  there. 

They welcome us. We meet many people.We are impressed by 

some and  are instantly drawn towards them.There are some others

 who we ignore. There are many,who we find roaming on

 the platform. We do not know them, but feel some sort of

affinity towards them. We also come in touch with several people

through our writings. Is it not strange that we feel a mutual 

liking for some  but do not pay any heed to many others.! At

different stations many people get down and many new 

ones  enter. Our children also enter at some point. We 

make  several friends  in the course of the journey, but many

 of them  leave us, There are others who travel  a long

distance with us and build a permanent relation with us.We 

even  discuss about our family  matters with them.

 Enroute we will feel  joy, sorrow, hellos, good byes and 

farewells. In the train of life we do not know when and 

where we will have to get down. So we must maintain  good

 relations with every body.When we leave our seat, we must

  ensure the not only the seat, but also the surrounding

 area  is left  neat and tidy. If we are good natured and kind,

people  will remember us long after we leave our seat. We must

 leave our imprint  of love, goodness, integrity, good  behaviour

  and good values behind, which  are  the only  things  in life we 

will be remembered for.

Written for Write Tribe Ultimate Blog Challenge   Day 29th


  1. This was brillilant - I loved it. Thank you

  2. Too good Usha ma'am. What an apt comparision! After all life is but a journey!

    1. Thank you Vinodini for the sweet comments.

  3. A beautifully inspiring write up, Ma'am:)

    1. Thank you Vishal for the visit and the comments.