northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Children and religion

According to a dictionary meaning religion is the belief in worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially god.
According to a rough estimate about 70% people in India have
 faith in the existence of some ‘superior  form’ which controls
 mankind. In most families some form of acknowledgement is
made which amounts to a prayer to the ultimate  maker of the
universe. The children acquire the same notions which they see
  within the four walls of their house. 
We can narrate  stories of  great religious masters  to the children right from childhood  so that they gain knowledge of the rich cultural and social background of the country. This applies to all families irrespective  of the religion or faith they follow.                      There are many households where parents belong to 
inter caste or inter religious marriage. In the case of inter caste marriages, there may not be any conflict about the religious practises followed by the parents. But in inter religious marriages the question arises which religion the children should the child follow. It is generally  observed  in such conditions that  parents do not follow only one religion. Both religions are  given equal  respect and  importance. This is a very wise step. The children also
tend to have equal faith in both religions.
    In the case of families where husband and wife believe
in different religions, it is always wise not to  thrust  any one
religion on the children. It must be left to the children to follow
 the religion they want to.
 Our daughter was sent to a Convent school, where she learnt
prayers of Christianity. There was a big Church within the
compound of the school. Our daughter used to visit the Church
 before she went to school. She loved to read the Bible and
other books pertaining to Christianity. Even though we are devout Hindus. we never dissuaded her from going to the Church or reading the Bible.. As she grew, we found her to be very gentle, sweet tempered and a  believer  of all religions. Today she is a Doctor who treats her patients with utmost love, affection and care. Religion is the  personal choice of a person. We must not interfere or thrust upon the children the religion of our belief. The aim should be  that the child becomes a good human being and cosmopolitan.

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