northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


    The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Mahatma Gandhi

How true !  ' To forgive  and forget ' is a lesson we have 

learnt since we were children. How many of us practise 

this in our day to day life.In practical life it is generally 

observed    that  if  once enmity develops,  the scar 

perpetually remains in the heart of the individual.  

 I know about a real life incident where two close friends

became permanent enemies due to a misunderstanding 

and. When the truth enfolded,  lot of water had flown

under the bridge.

Enmity is a luxury, nurtured by hatred and to bring 

forgiveness in such a scenario becomes very difficult. 

Still it is not impossible. The main stumbling block is our

ego. A warm heart and  a realisation of the situation may

pave way for forgiveness. It is always better to forgive

the other  wrong doer as early as possible.If we delay

the situation  may become irreconcilable and leave a

permanent  scar  in the inner core  of  the heart.

                      It is also possible that  the other person

had no intention to insult  but we did not realise this

and scolded him.  One must  not  insult  others without

understanding the other person's point. In such a 

situation you must  forgive him and show your  large

heartedness. Forgiveness is a great virtue.

 There is story from mythology about the virtue  of 

forgiveness.Kuber, the God of wealth, invited all the 

Gods for a party. He invited Lord Shiva. He sent his son

Ganesha. As soon as Ganesha entered the party, he

demanded food, which was immediately served. The 

food, which was meant for the  party was consumed by

Ganesha alone. When he knew that food was over, he 

left angrily. He reached home and demanded  more food.

Kuber followed Ganesha and begged  Shiva  to forgive 

him.  Ganesha took this action to crush the pride of 

Kuber  that he was the richest in all the three worlds.

Shiva forgave him, to make him realise his folly. 

Forgiveness is divine.


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