northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Parenting- Bachchon ka khel nahi

 Parenting-Bachchon ka khel nahi
These days many  women are working in all fields. Till some
years back working women were confined mainlyto Education 
but now their expertise is seen in various other special spheres like corporate offices,administration, research and many other
departments.  Jobs which were considered  exclusively for men are being grabbed by their better halves.There was a time when the slogan, “Hum do, hamare do”was popularThen ''hum dono

ek hamara ek'' was popular.Now many couples do not want to

have babies. They have a double income, and they want to 

enjoy life without any encumbrance. The latest slogan now is 

“dink” (double income, no kid). 

Personally I feel that a couple must have at least one child,

Otherwise with the passage of time life will be dreary and dull.

 The “dink” philosophy will thus become hollow. Moreover, in

later years conception becomes difficult.  Now the big question 

is, who will look after the kids in the absence of the 

mother.  Many husbands  agree that working 

women manage their households efficiently. They find ways

 and means for child care.  In olden days it was an accepted fact

that women were housemakers. Govt. of India has recently 

increased the maternity leave to six months . There is also a 

provision for paternity leave of one month. There are many 

other options for looking after the babies  of working mothers.

1.  The grand parents can look after the babies. The children

 are secure under the loving and affectionate care of the 


2.  A full time maid can be entrusted to look after the baby. 

The credentials of the maid must be got verified through a

 local police station. In all cities it is compulsory to get police 

verification of servants. 

3.  If the family budget permits two maids may be recruited.

4.  There are many offices which allow ladies to work from 

home. Especially where the employee is working on a 

computer. This is a very effective option, where the home 

and office work can be successfully combined

5.  Many offices employ candidates for half time .

6.  There are crèches to take care of children. In the case of 

crèches it must be verified that theyare approved by Govt.

authorities. It should have a qualified Doctor to take care of 

the child in case of emergency. The hygiene and sanitary 

conditions must also be examined.

If both, husband and wife are working, they can very well

opt for any one of the options suggested above.

Lots of toys must be made available for the children. These

 can be purchased online from ''. This online 

outlet  has every thing which is required for the kids of all

age groups.

I quote below the words of a famous writer,” Research has

 shown time and again that infants who receive the high 

quality child care and early education programs do better

in school, have more developed social skills and display

 fewer behavior problems.”


  1. Children bring joy and there are many ways one can take care of their child along with working full time. I checked FirstCry has great collection.

    1. Yes Saru, these days there are facilities for a working lady to take care of the children.

  2. True, ma'am.Children are if not there to display their impishness, the haven will turn barren.Good go.

    1. Yes Sarala, children are like angels in the life of the parents

  3. Women have made their presence felt in all fields and have proved their mettle.