northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 24 August 2015

Retirement plan

Jeetu was  managing a car park in the premises of an exhibition ground of a metropolitan city, which could accommodate two hundred cars at one time. Jeetu was a very soft spoken person. he  wished every car owner ,who parked his car in his space. Every day, about six hundred cars were parked in his space. He managed the car park for twenty years and retired gracefully. After his retirement there was complete chaos in the car park. There were no direction. The Transport Department wrote to the exhibition authorities  to post a substitute for the parking lot. The administrator informed the Transport Department that the parking lot was under their control and it was for the Transport Department to send a substitute.
 Mr. Jeetu, who was now a millionaire, was leading a life of  luxury in his air conditioned apartment.What a great retirement plan!


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  1. Hard work and dedication always pay and his honesty paid big time. It's the triumph of human spirit in the face of adversity:)