northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A short story

Bobby was studying in Delhi in a prestigious college. He did not get hostel  accomodation so he took a paying guest apartment. These days letter writing has become obsolete.Children communicate through E-mail or Whatsapp. Bobby was too lazy and did not contact his parents for more than two months. He did not bother to contact his parents. One day after his classes when he reached his appartment, he was surprised  to his father waiting for him on the road side. ''Oh, Papa why you did not inform me, I would have come to welcome you'', he told his father. His  father just smiled.  Bobby took him to his room.
Father and son talked the whole evening. At the dinner table there was a girl. Bobby introduced her to his father. He said, ''Papa this is Aarti, we share the apartment''. After dinner ,he told his father,''I know what are you thinking . There is nothing between us.  We are sharing the appartment and we are good friends.'' His father just laughed and said,'' Why are you telling me all this? I did not question you.'' Next morning his father went back.
           After one week Aarti told him that the plate, in which his father took dinner,was not to be seen anywhere. She told him to send a mail to his father and ask him where did he keep the plate. Bobby sent an E-mail stating,''Papa, I am not saying that you took away the plate with you. I am not saying that  you did not take away the plate, but that plate is missing. Where did you leave it?'' Within one hour he receieved a mail from his father, '' I am not saying that that girl is sleeping with you. I am  not saying that that girl is not sleeping with you. But I kept the plate under her pillow''.
                                   Very smart father!!!



  1. Some places else.... the same story replaces mother.. the plot is same.. :)

    1. Thanks Kuldip. i heard this story in some gathering.

  2. Parents are very smart, you cant fool them!