northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Giza pyramid

 This new episode,is "reprise" of the Great Pyramid of Giza called "Fibo-ku". In this special haiku form,, we  have to follow  the sequence in the haiku, as follows:

1st line 1 syllable; 2nd line 1 syllable; 3rd line  2 syllables; 4th line 3 syllables and so on.

                              All Gizah Pyramids.jpg

                                        a great wonder
                                     in the deserts of Egypt.
                          A miracle in the midst of vast desert.
                  Are these marvels a creation of human or aliens !
       They stand firm and solid unaffected by vagaries of nature.

   I have  written seven rows ,as the page cannot adjust more than ten words in a row. 

Written for Carpe Diem #790 The great Pyramid of Giza.
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  1. indeed they stand tall as we wonder if they are works of human or an alien. Well written

  2. The Great Pyramid a true masterpiece and has rightly earned the title of a “Wonder”. Good one, Usha!

  3. A wonderful fibo-ku Usha ... thank you for sharing this with us and that you have tried the fibo-ku.

  4. They indeed stand the strength of time. Nice take, ma'am.