northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 8 August 2015

A good deed


My grand daughter, Ramita  and her friend Ananya  love dogs.
Every evening  both of them used to  go  a near by  park. These two  used to feed  stray dogs.As soon as they reached the park  the dogs, three in number, rushed wagging their  tails. The girls carried milk ,biscuits and bread for their canine friends. One day the girls did not find any of  the dogs in the usual place. The girls were wondering where the dogs had disappeared, when one of the dogs came rushing. It started pulling  Ramita's skirt.The girls followed it.Near the hedge they found the other two. One of them was whining, as if it was in great pain. Seeing the desolate condition, they sat near it. They noticed that one leg was bleeding. Ananya slowly raised its leg and found a thorn in the paw.  Ramita pulled out the thorn.  She rushed home, took an ointment and a bandage.  The girls did a very fine job. They felt very satisfied. For the next three days  they dressed the wound. On the fourth day when the girls went to the park, the dogs were not there. The neighbors  revealed that the wounded dog had died and the other two were  taken away by municipal authorities.The children were disheartened.

Written for A prompt each day @ 69       Weekend wordle # 10




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