northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Panjabis are unique

                                                                                                                                                                  Recently I had written a post about Punjabi's . I was inspired to write more about them . There are some qualities and traits  peculiar in punjabi  families. By and large punjabis are very adventurous  and hard working
                   Generally P's are fun loving people. This is one of the reasons that they are too loud. They love to eat good food. Butter, milk, lassi, halwa, naan,cholle bhature, raj manh rice, chicken are some favourites.With changing times when people have become selective, Punbjabi's are also becoming more  conscious about food. Every day after a meal they will state 'Kal se dieting shuru.'
                           If some guest is coming or leaving, the whole family will accompany them to station/airport. The house is thoroughly cleaned only when  guests are expected.
                     They take great pain in searching a name for a new born baby, but the child will be known as Honey, Pappu, Pinky, Guddi and many more names  like this. These names will carry on for ever. The formal name will be for the purpose of education or business.  A punjabi marriage is a very colourful and joyous occasions. Panjabi folk songs add add joy and lustre to the activities.

There are many functions associated with the ceremony. Young girls look forward to  Mehndi and Ladies Sangeet. These functions carry on till the wee hours of the morning. Have a look of mehendi and sangeet ceremony.

Alcohol is a must in the Punjabi marriage. However, if a family does  not  agree to serve alcohol, then a car will be available to cater to the needs of those who want it.
We teach our children right from childhood to touch the feet of the elders. But it has now become merely a formality. Juniors just bend  up to the  knees and  say  'Peri Paina'.(touch your feet)  It is merely a formality. Similarly out  of  love and affection fathers call the son 'khotte de puttar' ( son of a donkey) and 'ullu de pathe' (son of an owl). Children feel embarrassed by  being  addressed  this  way when they grow up.
Punjabis can talk endlessly to friends and relatives  on the phone.  'Hor ki haal chaal hai' (how are you) will be repeated every few minutes. They will talk on the phone  very loudly.
 For the word 'minute' they say 'mint'. If you ask them 'when' are you coming, the response will be 'bas, panj mint'. Most of the Punjabis pronounce Saturday as Sachureday. The word most  used is 'oye'. In different  situations  the word is used in different tone. When you have to call some one,it  is 'oyyye', if in pain it becomes  'oye,oye oye'.When in good mood they say something, and pat the thigh of a person sitting next to him.
One peculiar quality in the punjabis is that any one from any of the Southern States  is referred to is a Madrasi. I remember that when I told my mom that I wanted to marry Mr. Menon, her first reaction was ''madrasi se shaadi karegi ?''
On festivals and social functions they have merry making and fun. Lohri , Diwali , Baisakhi and Karva Chauth are important festivals. Have a look at the Lohri festival 

Punjabis are very hard working.  They work tirelessly. They are very bold and God fearing.  Panjabi ladies are very talented. They are experts in knitting, stitching and embroidery. A sample of  phulkari embroidery is placed below                                        

  My niece, Dr. Asha Radhakrishnan's son,Dr. Ashwin, a Malayali . settled in UK is getting married to a Punjabi girl , Dr.Anisha. This post is dedicated to them.

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Written for B A R   weekly thread  wef 7 th Aug 2015


  1. Enjoyed your description of Punjabis.

  2. I love how lively they are :D and of course the food is absolutely delightful :)

  3. I have come across a few of them. I like your description. Very apt, Usha ji. :)

  4. what a fun post! I have quite a few P friends and I can relate to all that you said!