northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 7 August 2015

Be yourself



                                    Whereto Oh man moving
                           where is your destination?
                           Ponder, which path is yours
                           don't  be misled,don't adrift.
                          Listen to your innermost self
                           your own path,you will find.

                         Once awake, search within
                        who are you, where to walk.
                         Listen to your soul and self,
                        Let the ego lie deep beneath.  
                        Show your real self to mind
                        free of luxuries,temptations.

-                          A  new world beckons you,
                         all fair weather friends gone.
                         Free of utter negetivity,smile
                         fulfill all your expectations.
                         A new world welcomes you,
                        Treasure of gifts awaits you.

Written for 'A prompt each day;  Prompted  68  Quoted #10





  1. so true and so inspiring! in our need to be someone else, we forget how unique we are!

  2. Inspiring words, Ma'am where this world waiting for us and showing our self, saying Yes We Can:)