northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Made for each other

Anuradha, a forty year old  was always enamoured of Psychology. The school and the college where she studied did not offer this subject. The love for the subject  lingered on  in her mind,. Once she saw an advertisement in the newspaper that an organisation was conducting classes for six weeks in Psychology for adults, so that they may improve interpersonal relations. She joined the course. On the last day of the course, the instructor invited Anuradha to the stage. He asked her to write the names of twenty people who mattered to her the most. She wrote names of her family members, friends and neigbours. Then he told her tu rub off four names without whom her life would go on normally. She erased four names. The instructor asked her to erase four more till only four names remained on the board. These four were, i. father, ii. mother, iii.son and iv. husband.  Now she was directed to erase three names. She looked dazed.  She felt her hands were numb. There was a stunning silence, till the instructor asked her to be quick. With trembling hands she erased three names except that of her husband. After doing this she could not control her emotions and wept bitterly. After she calmed down the instructor asked her to exp[ain the criteria which prompted her to erase the last three names.The instructor asked her, ''Your parents nurtured you, loved you and cared for you.Your only son, whom you doted upon, spent many sleepless nights when he fell ill. How then you gave preference to your husband?''  Her reply was, '' My parents are now old, they will die one day. My son will soon complete his studies and go away,where ever he gets a job. My husband is my sole companion who will always be my side under all conditions.''   The whole class got up and applauded her.
 This is the truth of life. We must value our life partner above all. This is as much true for husbands as for wives. They are made for each other.


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