northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 15 August 2015

A new dawn-experience of a twelve old child.

Today is  Independence Day.  Since morning I am lost in thoughts. My thoughts take me to  my past. It was sixty seven years ago. I was studying in seventh class in Vasanta School in Banaras and was staying in the hostel. I was twelve year old.
                    It was 14th August. There was great  excitement. The senior girls  were all over the place. All the one hundred and fifty girls of the hostel were  very busy. Some girl  were making garlands, some were  packing laddoos for distribution, and some others  were making seating arrangements . The warden was going round and supervising the work. Teachers were supervising tying of vandanvars, and flowers.  An aroma from the  kitchen was enticing. Some girls were singing patriotic songs. The enthusiasm and fervour was so strong that all the groups  joined in singing and raising slogans, ''Bharat mata ki jai', 'Tiranga ooncha rahe hamara'which  reverberated in the entire compound.   The images of the national  flag, hung on the walls of the entire school aroused a spirit  of pride in my heart. None of girls slept at night. We sang patriotic songs. At four' o clock  we were ready for a Prabhat Pheri. Accompanied by all the staff,  the girls marched through the streets of Banaras, singing patriotic songs. We were soaked with a feeling of  love, enthusiasm and pride.  We were not tired after marching for three hours. With the new  sunrise, dawned a new era annoncing the freedom of the country!!!