northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 27 August 2015


What a coincidence! This year , the two festivals from two different parts of the country,in  keeping  with the spirit of unity in diversity, will be celebrated  together. Our family is unique in that sense. In our original family and extended family the spirit of unity is very much evident. There are boys/girls from different regions, all  maintaining the spirit of unity in diversity. We have Punjabis, Malyalis, Tamilian, Gujarati, Odhiya,Bengali and also American and Japanese. We represent a mini globe.
                     It is delightful that Onam and Raksha Bandhan  both  are  falling almost together.  Both these festivals have spread  a spirit  of festivity. Onam is celebrated with great enthusiasm. It is a belief that even if you have to sell your land, you must celebrate Onam. The festivities go on for a week.  People decorate their houses with flowers,which is known as Phookalam. Here is a sample.
ALLEPPEY, INDIA - AUG 09 : Snake boat teams participate in the most popular Nehru Trophy Boat race held in August 09, 2014 in Alleppey,Kerala, India. - stock photo                                    
50 Best Pookalam - Indian Floral Design For Onam Festival_14The famous boat race, in the back waters are held at this time of the year.                      

 The most important event is the Onam Sadya, a feast, in which special delicacies like avial, eraserry, olan and payasam of two three varieties is served. In the grand feast,  food is served on banana leaves.  

                          Sadhya DSW.jpg 
 Raksha Bandhan will also be celebrated on the coming weekend. This an important festival, celebrated through out North India. It is a very pious and solemn festival. Girls tie a ''rakhi'' around the wrist of their brothers and pray for their well being and long life. Traditionally rakhi was made of coloured thread. Now they are  becoming glamorous, with rakhis  of silver, gold and costly gems. The sister put a Tika on the forehead of the brother. The brother gives gifts to the sisters.
                                    original handmade rakhi on floral background with lettering Happy Raksha Bandhan for indian festival sisters and brothers, vector illustration - stock vector         

  In our family rakhi is a time for the whole family to assemble in one place, generally in  our house. It is a great occasion to meet everyone and celebrate.  The video shown below gives a glimpse how sisters tie a rakhi.  
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video you tube                                


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